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  1. Yeah, there is also one downtown in my city, I don't know how they can stay in business. There were two, one closed a few years ago.
  2. I see, is it possible to do a move such as the viper beam, while in the air? I tried to do it but Cable wouldn't shoot until he hits the ground.
  3. Are there any arcade games, old ones from the 90s, that is not yet emulated by Mame? I seem to be remembering seeing some games that mamedb doesn't show.
  4. Marvel vs Capcom 2. I can do a max of 6 hits, and the enemy gets kicked down by a hard kick. I can't coordinate the movement keys and the buttons for attacking. Thus when I punch the enemy into the air, I can't jump correctly and press attack buttons fast enough at the same time. I keep cringing at the moment because time is so limited.
  5. Let's not put profit into consideration, otherwise many older games would not be profitable anymore. Since the total number of machines that a room can fit is limited, would you place more than one game in a series? Such as having more than one KOF games? Or even more than one machine loaded with the same game? Would you have a balanced number of lightgun/driving/joystick+buttons games? Balanced number of different genres such as Shumps and Beatemups? I'm just interested to see what everyone's tastes are.
  6. There was another game, where it's a VS 2d Fighter game, released by 1996 or earlier. I remember it by there was a scene where the two characters were fighting on a "boat", or a wooden bridge across a river. I remember the characters could jump pretty high, like in the marvel vs capcom series. It has six buttons, just like the marvel vs capcom series. And I remember the environment was destructible, like you can kick and bust the crates that's on the scene. Does anyone have any idea what that might be?
  7. I already can launch them into the air, but I can only get like a 4 hit combo. So it's lp lk mp mk, can you do only one cycle of that? So that's like 6 hits maximum? (two light punches to launch them into the air) What is "end with a move or fierce"?
  8. Um, isn't that a bit rude? not at all. i was referring to your theory especially after looking back at SNK-Playmores extensive history of recycling sprites, so to assume follow up games with less of a roster would be absolutely absurd http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_King_of_Fighters_XII Wikipedia says KOFXII will only have 20 characters, roughly half the number of XI. And if you count the characters in each game, KOF2002 has less than 2001, and so on.
  9. Um, isn't that a bit rude?
  10. For all 4 games from XMenVSStreetFighter to MarvelVSCapcom2, how do you do chain air combos? I can get at most 5 hits before the enemy falls off. Also, are some characters too strong? Does anyone know how to fight extremely aggressive characters like Ruby?
  11. I think 2000 is neat, and I like the character designs of 2000. But yes, afterwards, the game got uglier and uglier, KOF2003 looks a lot more pixelated and rough than 99. And the newest ones have rapidly shrinking character numbers, the next KOF after XII is probably going to have like 8 characters remaining. Didn't they just say that KOFXII is going to have about a HALF of the characters of XI? And XI has less characters than 2003, and so on.
  12. I see, I'll look at the dip switches. So for the games that you can change the region, that means that for that game there is no such thing as US or JP version since all languages are supported right?
  13. Why do so many people like 98? And is the series going downhill? Because the character roster is getting smaller and smaller.
  14. If it did allow it, is there a botton somewhere on MAME for that?
  15. A lot of the roms I have are in japanese, is it possible to switch it to the english version?
  16. With so many installments, which do you think is the best?
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winners_Don't_Use_Drugs Ok, here it is. I guess it is the FBI. I couldn't remember clearly, and since it's aboug drugs, I assumed that it's the FDA.
  18. Why do so many early arcade games have the "winners don't use drugs" logo on them? Did the FDA have to pay them to put it's logo on there as advertisement?
  19. im sure thats it but its a crappy gun game and not worth bothering playing. Yes, it is a light gun game. Is it really bad? I didn't play it, only watched people play it. I just found the western theme intriguing, like the Sunset Riders game.
  20. Is the game leathal enforcers II the one where there is always an old cowbowy breefing you, like telling you to keep playing, or that you are dead?
  21. So even in the arcades, no matter how much you put in you still can't beat the game if you suck? If you can put in some credits and it goes over, its somewhat reasonable. But yes you can't beat the game if you're not good at it. There are DIP switches that the machine operators can set to set how many times you can continue or whether or not you can continue at all. Gaia Crusaders (another beat em up game) won't let you continue at all by default. So Unless you're extremely good at beat em ups, you only have one shot. I found the switch and turned off the continuation limit. Most games have default set to no limit. Thanks.
  22. So even in the arcades, no matter how much you put in you still can't beat the game if you suck?
  23. The game seems to end after a few deaths, no matter how many credits you put in. Is there any way to cheat this?
  24. I checked them out. Thanks. Now for 2D vs games, are there any good ones besides street fighter, marvelvscapcom series and KOF? By "good" I mean well developed ones with a lot of characters (like the ones I listed above). I see that some really badly done ones has like 8 characters and the controls and game mechanics are all broken.
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