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  1. hi guys,


    i got a problem with MednafenX-NES v12b and the RessurectionXtras movies. in my old mednafenx 9 the screenshots from e:\screenshots\...... work. now im dl the 12b rel (gui says 10pb but nfo 12b - from 2 different sources dl) and the xmv vids of the ressuraction thread but the wont show up including the screenshots. i changed the path correctly 1time as f:\....... where the emu is and a second one as d:\....... but there are no previews there. roms/videos/

    screenshot got the same name. someone got an idea?


    sorry for my poor english

  2. Hi,


    I recently suffered a harddisk crash and lost all my savegames that cost me a lot of hard work. However, I did not want to play all games again because i got no time nad nervs for it again.


    I wanted to download the saves From www.Xbox Saves.com but this site seemed quite simply ceased to exist and to search the most popular pages dealing with the old Xbox employed are no longer present.


    So I played with the idea to start a new little project for keeping this rare stuff for other users like me who searching for it.


    Most of the savegames on the Internet I've found are for NTSC games so I ask all readers if you got any Pal Savegames please upload it.


    And last but not least, you can find this small project under www.Xbox-Saves.6x.to


    Greets Punika



    sorry for my poor english

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