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    Fan of arcade, proud xbox + modified NStyle arcade cabinet owner, fan f CoinOPS, Thank you again BP for your hard work!!!!
  1. Hi, Thank you for the videos, the collection is huge! I have just finished to test it on my Xbox/arcade cabinet and it's wonderfull!!! Thank you again and have a nice day, Mike.
  2. Yeah I was looking for vintage feeling, i was not using mame on pc before, the pleasure of playing with arcade sticks (cabinet) is so different..This was my motivation last year when I bought a cabinet (with the screen and electronics working, i added, ultimarc kit fox xbox and made some updates such as the stereo, xbox power button on the control panel,....But I still ahev to finish the holes in the control panel, I already broke too many tools on it... Thank you and keep playing;-) Mike.
  3. Disable the Splash Screen and this will never happen again. Thank you for this tip, I didn't searched cause not occured lots ....shame on me, don't fire me for this Thank again, and it is now my third post, I can now use the PM....I am near the end Have a nice day! Mike
  4. so what do you like about CoinOPS the most? I am from long time a video game fan and I spent so many hours working in an arcade room / vide game shop that I felt in love with arcade games. About what I love in CoinOps is the incredible easy use. Nearly every body that comes to visit me plays with the arcade machine (parents +60y, friends, childrens). And no body needs help, they just start and play!! Also I nearly never had any crash with the application, only some time it doesn't want to start (hang on coinops "push any key" after pushed, but I will reinstall the complete CoinOps with the brand new version And greater, no slowdown, tons of games, great graphics, and lots of new options i am in the hurry to test.... To resume: Easy Fast and stable Nice Video game vintage feelings Top work! Thank's Mike.
  5. Hello, This is my first post and I would like to thank you all that helped to make the wonderfull CoinOps, especially BP. I have, thanks to you, a wonderfull Xbox arcade cabinet in a modified NStyle, with great games, top cool! And I am playing during hours with friends on it! Like every one I would like to get the new Ignite but I still have to post 2 times to be allowed to PM (and don't want to post just for posting). I wanted just to present me and say thank you and hello. Have a nice day! Mike
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