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  1. Well myself, I prefer more options, I don't think it complicates anything. As for releases, I don't mind frequent updates, it's not like it takes a lot of work for me to drop it in to my xbox. Keep up the good work man!
  2. Thanks for posting that screenshot pack fumanchu, I always use the official mame one but obv there are games that arent used on there taking up space and making it take longer to scroll down.
  3. I still need to pad my posts till I can get a pm. I know someone on here said something about putting it up on bittorrent but theres no seeds. Instead of ftp what if we just seed the .xmv packs (I don't have any), there likely wouln't be any legal issue with that and people can get reasonable speed out of it. You can download 20 gigs worth of MAME in about twelve hours just as an example.
  4. Yeah I got a copy of Mechassault for like .99 cents but the hard or expensive part really is the memory card to usb adaptor to transfer the linux game save. Luckily I had one for some Gameshark game save app or something .
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