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  1. it's a cool emu loads of console stuff been added since 3 its worth havin if your into consoles thats for sure i do like the new skins

    im mostly 90% into the arcade side of coinops and it hands down beats any other out there for total games it can play but arcadewise it's my opinion that not an awful lot has been added since last release


    TBH i wanted it for the new mame72 core just rampage world tour to have sound and play faster in mame side of things i do have a rip of rampage that plays perfect already i guess i would have added mk3 as well so without sounding ungrateful as i know alot of work has gone into this by a good few people im just gonna stick with my coinops 3 arcade only sunset version for good now cant see me upgrading ever agian same goes for all my emus im happy with what ive got


    ach all this fuss and carry on just to try rampage world tour in coinops 4 i must be aff ma heid :-)

    steppin back for a while less postin more game playin startin with dark souls


    but as big arnie says ill be back :-D


    If you release of CoinOPS 4 works fine, without lock and can be updated ... please release it or the "patch" ... I also like the BP work, but only for arcade games !

    And the BETA of CoinOPS4 i have tested are locked too :(

  2. My understanding is that the FBL CPS3 code that iq_132 was working on didn't run full speed and to do so it would have required a complete CPU rewrite. That's why it was never released.


    So bad :(

    I really dream he analyses it :(

    To remove CPS3 Emu of my xBox ... :P

    One day maybe ... ;)

  3. Hi +T+


    Was just wondering will we ever see a possible release of Final Burn Consoles with the added Neogeo CD funtionality in the future?


    It's not something I ever started work on. Getting the games to run in the NeoGeo core would be no problem at all, but it would require major additions or alterations to the UI in order to be usable and I just don't have the know-how to achieve something like that. FBC is something I would like to have developed more; not just the NGCD stuff but also the new SNES and PCE drivers that have been added to recent FBA builds. It would be great to have a real multi-system console emulator running on the Xbox.


    Hi ... i understand too you have less time in real life to work on FBL and FBC ...


    But to work quicker on FBC and add NeoGeoCD emulation, why don't you ask Madmab how to load an ISO file ?

    Because the FB menu is cool .... but the Xtra menu by Xport and Madmab have many more feature for the user ...

    And launch ISO like a charm :D

  4. CoinOPS 3 R2 Laser Disc DVD launcher Support released.


    Put the contents of this into CoinOPS 3 R2 or a later build

    Copy the content of the VIDEOTS content of each of the DVDs into each Laser Disc Folder/DVD/

    Rescan your Games


    All 3 will then show for you and if the DVD image is the the correct the places it will play them for you



    Pointers....for these roms and videos


    MI_N Dragons Lair

    MI_O Dragons Lair 2

    MI_P Space Ace


    it will launch 3 Folders\DVD\VIDEO_TS.IFO


    Please support buying the DVDs they are worth it...


    thanks to bp for this.


    Yes ... it's sooooooo cooooool :D

    Thanks a lot

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