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  1. I truely can't wait to get my hands on it, been looking forward to it for a long time! Well worth the 9.5 gig download, Thanks for your hard work!
  2. I don't see the difference downloading an 8gig of a 10gig pack, I think a lot of people would prefer a complete package rather than a cutback one. Especially if it ends up being a torrent. I can test it also, I have a .134 complete romset.
  3. i can't wait until its out, i'm planning to turn an old arcade table top cabinet into a coinops cabinet but i've been hanging on a release with as much as possible included and this appears to be the one, well not really waiting on that, its just the motivation i need to do it
  4. still have to wait a week for a public beta so i can try it? it's such a long wait
  5. your best options just now are either using mameox0.72 for the midway games or look around the net for the mortal kombat download thats floating about.it has mortal kombat1,2 and3 ripped from the original midway arcade treasures and they are the actual arcade roms and plays flawlessly. neat ill give that a try thanks, my actual mortal kombat arcade board is missing a little speaker looking thing that hangs off it which is why it has no sound
  6. Is it likely the midway games will have working sound, I do like playing MK and own the original board/cabinet to the game but my board has a fault with no sound also, drives me insane!
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