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  1. The last few releases DAC in Gens32 Surreal has been too loud, at first I thought it was YM2612 but in Gens.cfg if you disable YM2612 and PSG and test the music in Sonic 3 Level select you'll notice the cheap loudness boost. I tried the 'DAC Improvement' setting (default is zero) but it didn't affect the loudness. A shame really since Gens32 Surreal has the best AA plugins period. (unless you know a RPI plugin for Kega Fusion that offers equivalent quality?)
  2. Is FM audio messed up in more recent releases? I only use Gens32 Surreal for the Gens32 2X renderer. I don't think Fusion has a plugin that offers equivalently decent filtering. (most rpi files belong to other emulators)
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