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  1. VBA-M looks nice, but doesn't seem able to open the same game in two different instances of the program, at least for me, (when I open the same rom in a different window the screen remains white.) 1.8 may be old as dirt, but others seem able to trade with themselves using it, is there some step here I'm missing? Because it feels like I am following everyone's procedures to the letter.
  2. I'm new to the board but was hoping for some help. I have been trying to set up my VBA so that I can trade between my FireRed and Ruby games, but I cannot for the life of me get past the saving aspect. I have tried a ton of different methods, including setting the save type to 128k and creating the blank notepad document. When that failed I went through every combination of save types, still every time I save, even when starting a new game and setting the save path to an empty folder, I am told that there is already a saved game I must overwrite, and than get an error that requires me to exchange the backup memory. I am using VBA 1.8, but have also tried this on 1.7.2. I doubt it matters but I'm using a vista machine. Any ideas? Ok well, on a whim I tried downloading the ROM from another site, and this one seems to save correctly. However, after the saving I reach the menu asking me to "Please Wait ... ... B Button: Cancel" and it doesn't advance past there.
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