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  1. Wow this topic has helped me alot! Thanks Haldrie! By the way I don't know if anyone has said this yet in this topic but the method haldrie posted for fixing a corrupted save file for pokemon games does indeed work even if you use save states. If you use save states, but need to save in-game in order to participate at the battle tent or something like that, you simply set the save type to 128k, and start a new game. Then save in-game (not with a save type) when the game starts, and then move that save file to another folder and then go to import battery file and import it, just like haldrie said in his post. Then all you do is load your save state and you will be able to save the game in-game normally, enabling you to do things like go to battle tents and such and you can still use save states to save By the way I did this all in pokemon emerald so I don't know if it works with other pokemon games for sure but it should.
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