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  1. thraxen has always been there when i needed him.. great post..this really helped me..
  2. can i have a site or a link then....
  3. can someone please help me get the v roms for these 2 games for kawa
  4. Is there a tutorial to make this one work on kawa-X
  5. if you can let me know how to get some of my kofs working (providing that i test them and they work..we can trade...talk
  6. Im trying to get these kof to work on my kawa-x for xbox I have kawa-x, kawa-x plus and the one that runs ss5 Here's the king of fighters im trying to run: Kof 95, 99, 2000,2001, 2002 The files I got for kof 95: Kof95_c1.rom Kof95_c2.rom Kof95_c3.rom Kof95_c4.rom Kof95_c5.rom Kof95_c6.rom Kof95_c7.rom Kof95_c8.rom Kof95_m1.rom Kof95_p1.rom Kof95_s1.rom Kof95_v1.rom Kof95_v2.rom Kof95_v3.rom For kof 99: Kf99_c1.rom Kf99_c2.rom Kf99_c3.rom Kf99_c4.rom Kf99_c5.rom Kf99_c6.rom Kf99_c7.rom Kf99_c8.rom Kf99_m1.rom Kf99_p1.rom Kf99_p2.rom Kf99_s1.rom Kf99_v11.rom Kf99_v12.rom Kf99_v13.rom Kf99_v21.rom For kof 2000: Kof2k_c1.rom Kof2k_c2.rom Kof2k_c3.rom Kof2k_c4.rom Kof2k_c5.rom Kof2k_c6.rom Kof2k_c7.rom Kof2k_c8.rom Kof2k_m1.rom Kof2k_p1.rom Kof2k_p2.rom Kof2k_s1.rom Kof2k_v1.rom Kof2k_v2.rom Kof2k_v3.rom Kof2k_v4.rom For kof 2001: 2k1_c1.rom 2k1_c2.rom 2k1_c3.rom 2k1_c4.rom 2k1_c5.rom 2k1_c6.rom 2k1_c7.rom 2k1_c8.rom 2k1_m1.rom 2k1_p1.rom 2k1_p2.rom 2k1_s1.rom 2k1_v1.rom 2k1_v2.rom 2k1_v3.rom 2k1_v4.rom for kof 2002: kof02_c1.rom kof02_c2.rom kof02_c3.rom kof02_c4.rom kof02_c5.rom kof02_c6.rom kof02_c7.rom kof02_c8.rom kof02_m1.rom kof02_p1.rom kof02_p2.rom kof02_s1.rom kof02_v1.rom kof02_v2.rom kof02_v3.rom kof02_v4.rom this one also included: neogeo.rom, ng-lo.rom, ng-sfix.rom, ng-sm1.rom I also have a zip named garoup..please tell me what I can do with that one.. If I need to rename something please let me know please direct me to a tutorial if you know one Please direct me to one that is already playable...(if you know one) please tell me if I need something other than what I already have. I really love playing this series of any help would be appreciated. Any help would be appreciated.. Thank you
  7. i recently got some kof : 95, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002 i also have all 3 versions of kawa x on my box... can someone please tell me the proper names for these games so i can play them thank you in advance...
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