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  1. A couple of years ago I built an arcade cabinet, thinking mostly of using an XBox. I was going to use original XBox controllers for the job, but I ended up using 2 mad catz PS2 controllers. You can buy those controllers cheap (7.99), and in most cases, they are easier to solder than an XBox controller. The main advantage is that you can use converters for a lot of different consoles. I have 2 Madrics converters with outputs for XBox, Game Cube and PC, and another converter for Dreamcast. This way I can have XBox, PS1, PS2, Game Cube, Dreamcast and PC on my arcade cabinet. And there's a lot more converters for the PS2 controller (Saturn, PS3, XBox360). Just be careful about cheap converters, because they can be quite laggy.
  2. I'm using CoinOPS in my arcade cabinet, so launching the XBox games from CoinOPS would be great, just like any other rom. No special options, just being on the list with either a screenshot or a video preview. As for stars... I built my cabinet before CoinOPS existed, so I used FBA-XXX and MamedOX. After that I tried CoinOPS and never changed again. Sure, there are other interesting emulators, but I have all of my favorite arcade games in just one emulator. No other emu allows me to have in the same list Gunstar Heroes and Mars Matrix, or Streets of Rage and ActRaiser. The only way to make this even better is to be able to start Dead or Alive extreme (1 and 2), DoA 3, Soul Calibur 2, and other great XBox fighters. Don't look at stars, look at people that actually use CoinOPS.
  3. You once said that it might be possible to lauch XBox games from within CoinOPS. That would be very interesting for the next release PS: Can someone PM me the link please? thanks
  4. Its a interesting hack, but I still prefer, and recommend, MK Trilogy. Not only does it look a bit better, but it sounds a LOT better. Back on topic: BP, what's the font you used for the CoinOPS logo? I'll try to make a skin for myself, just like yours, but with the font in red instead of blue, because my arcade cabinet is in black and red.
  5. Nope, none. My suggestion is: PCSX with Mortal Kombat Trilogy. It's a bit slow on the loadings, but it's great fun to have such a huge roster of characters.
  6. uTorrent is now "unlimited", with an average of 65KB/s of upload. The speed may be low because of a lot of new peers in recent hours.
  7. It's now transferring to the XBox. This weekend I'll give it a test drive
  8. Because the board rules don't allow for links... CoinOPS Reignite Showcase is out now in torrents... a simple google search will do the trick
  9. Congratulations BP and iq on you work in CoinOPS. With the compatibility list growing so much, and future SNES and maybe genesis games, this will soon be the default app in my arcade cabinet. I just wish we could launch xbox games from CoinOPS. It would be great to see Street Fighter Aniv., Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur 2 in my games list on CoinOPS (not sure if it's possible though).
  10. CoinOPS and XBMC are independent. CoinOPS is an XBox application, and XBMC is also an application that can also work as a dashboard (or frontend). You can run CoinOPS on any modded XBox, with any dashboard (XBMC, EvoX, Avalaunch). In essence, no, it won't work on a PC.
  11. 30%... a couple more days and I'll be playing it like crazy
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