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  1. Very helpful indeed! Excuse my ignorance when I ask this, but how do I use them? Also, my version of the SvC has already been patched to a certain extent (all I need fixed are iori's moves), do I need a totally unpatched rom first? Again thanks, I'm totally new to Neogeo emu as you can probably tell.
  2. Ok, Here are some questions I was hoping Neoragexh1 experts could help me solve... Please bear with me here, thanks. 1/ My SvC rom runs almost perfectly, except for Iori's Maiden Masher Finisher (qcf,qcf + WP+SP) always freezes the rom, has anyone else noticed this? Or is there a rom out there for NeorageX that doesn't do this? If so please link me to the right direction! 2/ Garou just plain refuses to work. I've been told that NeorageX doesn't run garou, but does the new Neorage work with it? Or is there a newer Garou rom that works? 3/ All the Samurai Showdowns aside SS5 suffer chronic sound problems, why oh why oh why?!?! 4/ Is there any way to stretch neorage until that black border goes away? I can never quite get full screen. THANKS! Please answer what you can, and ignore the ones you can't.
  3. Thanks but it didn't work! The problem is actually stranger than it first appears. I got the pad to work in the GUI menu/frontend within mame once the game is lauched (tab menu), and it works on al other games. But no matter what I do the kof2k3 rom just doesn't recognise it. I've tried it with all the pc pads I have, and its all the same. Is there a patch that fixes this? Or do I need to find another version of the rom?
  4. I'm having quite a strange problem with kof2k3. Mame32 won't recognise my joypad, even though I have a usb wireless thrustmaster pad. I've tried toggling everything but to no avail, anyone has this problem? Or know why its happening?
  5. Hello people! Like all you nutters here I am also an emu-lover, and have been for quite some years. My main interest is anime/manga but I do have a great affinity with videogames also, and being an ex-SNK fanboy, I am, like many amongst you, always looking for new Playmore releases (I found this place whilst searching for KOF2k3). I know no one here except Genesis, who helped me out a lot before SNKX reseted its forum, so I hope we'll all get along and continue our collective love for emulation! Onegai-shimasu!!!
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