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  1. Can someone link to this MAME that plays SVC and all those other neo roms?
  2. Thanks for the help but I still can't get Metal Slug 4 to work (got Chaos to work too) Here are the files in mslug4 if it helps: 263_c1.rom 263_c2.rom 263_c3.rom 263_c4.rom 263_c5.rom 263_c6.rom 263_m1.rom 263_m1d.rom 263_p1.rom 263_p2.rom 263_v1.rom 263_v2.rom Do I need another neogeo bios file? I only have the one that came with NeoRageX EGCG version. thx!
  3. Yes, I renamed everything to.rom King of Fighters 2002 has the same problem.. but SS5 works fine. Checking out the utilities.
  4. I have NeoRageX EGCG version and got Samurai Shodown 5 to run fine but when I try Metal Slug 4 and Rise of the Dragons it says it can't load the gfx roms. What am I missing? thx
  5. Does it run Samurai Shodown 5? btw thanks for your help!!!
  6. Yes, well they're all ".bin" not ".rom" Basically I'm trying to get SSV, KofF2002, etc to work in it. But I cant even get it to recognize old roms like 2020 Baseball. I dont have the "final" NeoRageX EGCG, I'm getting that now.. I saw someone talking about an "import bug" on a previous one. Do I have that? Your help would be much appreciated. Also, if you're still playing attention, what emulates SVC Chaos? thx very very much for your help.
  7. I got NeoRageX ECGC version from neogamerz.net. I inserted the login/password (HappyASR etc). Now I've got some Neo Geo roms, even older roms, and I can't get the "Import" button to find the roms! It finds no games no matter where I put the roms and where I set the ROMS PATH. Any ideas? Aigh!
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