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  1. Hi, I'm new and kind of need some help. Let me start by saying I'm using VBA 1.72 or something, lol. This is for Pokemon Leaf Green. Today, I started the game and it was working just fine. It started up right where I saved it last. Immediately after catching the Snorlax before Cycling Road. (It still said corrupt file, but I still got my old save). I dropped my Wartortle off at the Day Care Man's house and decided to go start going down Cycling Road. I tear up some local trainers, and go back to check up on my Wartortle. After I get him back, the game's screen blacks out, though the music still plays. With no way out, I closed out the program. I started it back up again, but when I opening the saved game, it starts me back 3 saves previous to the one I started in the first place, again, saying the file was corrupted. Is there any way I can get me most recent save back? I still have a Save State after I defeated Giovanni the first time, but I don't have the 4th badge, nor have I finished defeating Team Rocket at Pokemon Tower. I really don't want to do the Pokemon Tower part again, so any and all help is appreciated.
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