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  1. I'm not using daemon tools anymore,it installed a bunch of crap on my computer and my firefox is acting weird
  2. K, guys I have no idea how to run nullDC or bios. I'm sure i'm fully capable of of downloading everything,but don't know what progams to use,do I even need to burn anything So could anyone help me on this? Like how to run DC games on nullDC?
  3. I'll try that,but DC ISO's take me like an hour to download,and I have no idea how to run them.
  4. O YAAAAAAA I did a little search in mame and it came up with this "Capcom Vs SNK MIllenium Fight 2000 (JPN,USA,EXP,KOR,AUS) And then i found the a zip called "capsnk". So is this the zip? or do i need another one?
  5. hey guys,I'm not asking for links to stuff.....but I think I got the right rom, a little while ago I got svc chaos to work.I just downloaded the rom and then audited all the games and I could play it. The zip file's name is, "Snk vs capcom - Match of the millennium (JUE) [!],so is this the right ROM? or This game isn't emulated yet? I'm using MAMEpkgui.
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