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  1. This is going to sound dumb, but have you tried taking the power plug and putting it back in? Because one time I left brawl in overnight, and in the morning I went to play, but it wouldn't read any discs, not even brawl. But, I replugged the power plug in and everything worked. I'm not really a pro, but try that first(if you haven't already, otherwise I'm really no help )
  2. For those before who had trouble saving in Phoenix Wright, use Flash 512, because before, I used EEPROM 64 and save always failed. If a game won't save, just try trial and error with all the types. Also, does anyone know a way around the lag in Phantom Hourglass and Animal Crossing Wild World? I'm using Flash 512 and Realtime 10 Auto for them, and the intro lags so badly I haven't even gotten to the game. Does the game itself lag?
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