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  1. Did "allowance" or credit limit mode work in to this build yet? Been waiting for this feature for a long time, would increase enjoyment of many game types exponentially.
  2. I'd say coin counter per person, with an option to either draw from a unified pot or with each user having their own 'private' stock. I know this is a little more confusing than you might prefer, but I think it would be pretty selfexplanatory just adding a second option "Shared/private allowance pot" and then you make everyone happy. That seems to be the best way at recreating the arcade feel with multi-players. It would also be good to have the number of coins be an option. That and of course the Midway drivers that I harp on in basically all of my posts to you, are my most anticipated features since I don't have my xbox hooked up to HD.
  3. Rx - I remember BP saying allowance mode was done in Gold, but not sure if it made it into the beta that went on and became final or if was finished for the originally intended final build. I haven't seen the option in the default settings screen of gold, could be in an ini or maybe I'm missing it. Anyone know? ALSO - major props to BP for the continued excellence that is CoinOps.
  4. BP- just wanted to chime in with my thanks for the hard work. I spent quite some time testing a large chunk of the games for the spreadsheet, and it is extremely exciting to see that work paying off and I'm happy I was able to contribute in some small way to this great project.
  5. Looking at getting an x-arcade joystick setup, but was curious if anyone has experience using these on an xbox. How smoothly does it correspond to the existing controller mappings? How hard is it to adjust to navigating the xbox? Is it worth the $$? Does the trackball work? Anyone that can shed some light on these things is in my gratitude.
  6. All the things listed on the refined thread: - Cut down the games list for stuff that wont be played eg crazy kong, 5 diff versions of space invaders - Size it to fit on one DVD - Add a few more games - Go though every game and check it not only runs but runs correctly and is controlled correctly and fix it if not both in source and keymapping. - Get Commandline launching working properly and docummented. - Get SMB working fully and documented. - Look at New games to add. - Change cheats menu around a bit. - Look at the best way to handle a new autofire option - Look at the best way to handle 2 player game switching - Add a few more shortcut to the sort methods to make things easier to find - Look at 720P support - Fix speed in double dragon 1 and 2 - Add sound to Midway games seem like great goals to me. My personal holy grail is getting Midway games to run @ full speed with sound. NBA Jam is probably my all time favorite arcade memory, but it ain't the same without the annoying announcer. Are you still needing people to work on the spreadsheet testing games? I've been keeping it steadily going, working backwards from Z on up.
  7. Testing status: 443 down, 650 to go Keep this alive people!
  8. I believe it is simply playing the games in Coinops+, noting how well they play, how good the keymapping is, if sound works, etc, and suggesting fixes for things like keymapping. Pretty simple task, disappointing it has gone so slow. I for one am starting to chip in right away. How hard a task is it to play games? Oh - and put me down as one who would kill a man in front of his own mama for working sound/speed in midway games. The original Mamex seemed to handle this a lot better, not sure what has been lost in the new ports?
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