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  1. That's great to know, but personally, I'm getting tired of collecting "special" emulators each time someone makes a hack..I probably have 15 emus for different games.. Anyways, James also posted at another forum that the sound is crap, so its really not worth the download..I'll wait for a UNIVERSAL P1... Sly
  2. sorry guys misconception.. use the following.dat, that'll make it easier.. System: NEO RomName: nyaa Game: nyaa [Program] 267-p1.rom,0,100000,112FE2C0,0 [Text] 267-s1.rom,0,20000,1D28835E,0 [Z80] puzzb_m1.rom,0,10000,129E6054,0 [samples] 267-v1.rom,0,400000,21FBDDB1,0 [Graphics] 267-c1.rom,0,800000,8988882C,0 267-c2.rom,1,800000,27028156,0 pb2_c1.rom,1000000,400000,D9115327,0 pb2_c2.rom,1000001,400000,77F9FDAC,0 pb2_c3.rom,1800000,100000,8890BF7C,0 pb2_c4.rom,1800001,100000,8EFEAD3F,0 [system] CartridgeID: 267 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 this will have sound errors due to the fact that you're using another game's m1, but the m1 that everyone has is heavily encrypted, and one of the c's is poorly dumped, even decrypting it doesnt help....
  3. The answer is here guys.. Link not allowed - Diso Poirot explains it By the way, if you use the m1 and v1 of zupapa, the decrypted c1, c2, s1 and p1 of pochi and the c1 c2 c3 and c4 of puzzle bobble 2 you get a pretty damn good image, but no where near perfect. P.S. if you make a.dat for kawaks 1.46 using these roms rename your 267-c1 and c2 like this 267-c1.rom 267-c2.rom For some reason the emu crashes if you don't put a space after the c roms? Sly
  4. Just to let you all know there are 3 different dumps of this game, so the crc's won't match, you'll just have to wait for them to be properly paired up.
  5. I agree, people who "Claim" to have certain roms and lie are useless, lets share the wealth people!!!! If you have it, share it, if you don't...ASK
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