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  1. Yes i tried it with the latest zsnes wip release.Thanks for trying anyway
  2. I downloaded 4 famicom mini gba roms from here http://www.advance-power.de/download but when i load them in visualboy advance the screen stays blank.Do these games only work on flashcards?
  3. Thanks for replying, but i've d/l the rom with (!) a couple of times from different sources and the sound problem still exists.I also tried the game in the latest versions of zsnes and snes9x.
  4. Can anyone please help with the sound fault when jim plays the accordion on the title screen and when you save the puppies with a marshmallow, i just love that music.
  5. I probably didn't explain what i did to resolve the problem very clearly,but i cut and pasted the old p1 with the new one and everythings working fine now.
  6. I was only trying to help and i'm not critisising anyone, anyway i've got mslug5nd to work in Mame 32 by downloading Metal Slug 5 Universal P1 http://www.neogamez.net/Utilidades.asp and removed original 268-p1.bin then replaced it with universal mslug5 p1(renamed 268_p1.bin from mslug5_p1.rom)
  7. Just out of interest i tried the mame32 that James reccomended and my version of mslug5nd has a problem with the 268-p1.bin,but works ok in Neomame, so try both if you have problems.
  8. Why don't you try Neomame,it runs Mslug5nd perfectly,get it from here, http://www.neomameplus.com.ar/en_dwnload.htm
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