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  1. I have the same problem, but everytime I want access the pokemon storage system, me emulator (no$Rom) gets completely stuck. When I had about 20 pokemon, it wasn't a real big deal, sometimes it just didn't work and sometimes it was just very slow, but now I have around 55 pokemon, it just gets stuck. Does anyone have a solution? I didn't switch my emulator options -> NDS backupmedia to EEPROM 64 Kbites because I found out that I'd have to start over to make that work.
  2. hi, I'm new here and I'm having a problem with my pokemon emerald and ruby saving files. I tried to follow the instructions on page one, but I'm on a mac and I'm not really familiar with all that programming language stuff, so can someone help me out? When I play the game and I save it, there is no problem. At least, it looks like there is no problem. because when I quit the VBA, it gives me the following error: Error creating file Battery Saves/trm-pmeu.sav And when I re-open the pokemon file, the game has, indeed, not been saved. Here's an image showing my preferences and, well, basically anything related to my VBA files: http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e19/Tele...beelding2-1.png I really hope someone can help me out. Thanks for at least reading this.
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