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  1. Is there any way to multiplayer and exchange data? For example, if a PC on my (real-life) network runs Blue while I run White, can we link up using our LAN to exchange chips?
  2. Don't forget Adelheid Bernstein by Bad Darkness; he's at 85%. Similarly, @ndroide made a 50% complete beta version of Adelheid.
  3. It always gets to "Initializing keyboard"... just never "Initializing sound"
  4. Fixed it by getting a Albatron nVidia geForce FX5200 (128MB) graphics card.
  5. "initializing sound: no sound hardware found" "Library <build in> message: can't change video mode" "Error detected" I'm having Jettray's error too. My PC is AMD Athlon XP 1700+ (1.47GHz) with 768MB PC2700 DDR RAM, ATI Technologies Inc. RAGE 128 PRO Ultra GL AGP (32MB, 4x) integral with the motherboard, and for sound I have "CMI8738C3DX PCI Audio Device" and "Legacy Audio Drivers" -- this computer previously worked with Win98 2nd Ed. for Mugen, so... any help? (The patch was applied to a "clean" copy of MUGEN.)
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