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  1. My bizzad guys. Ill know next time. Sorry and thanks. EDIT: Eeek, i did it in playstation also. I put it under the one asking for playstation games, regarding castlevania. Sorry.
  2. I Used to love land before time, one of my favorite kiddy movies. Anway back to topic, i can get you the iso for castlevania, but only if you want it emulated on your computer, and your willing to put up with fine tuning ePSXe. If so, let me know.
  3. Just wanted to point out, using setting the fps rate to 65 usually runs all games at normal speed, for me anyway.
  4. There is a new version of Final Fantasy VII coming for the PS3. Rumors and facts posted here would be nice, seeing as that is my favorite game ever. No lie, even competing against ps3 and 360.
  5. I recently "stumbled" on around 1100 gba roms. I dont know what the rules are for roms and such here, but I will upload any if needed, and send some directly if your searches have left you dry. If you need it, i more then likely have it. Just respond here. Your Welcome in advance.
  6. TheZerbinator Halo 3 Maybe Call of Duty4 or Frontlines, whichever one i get. Maybe Ghost Recon, Advanced Warfighter 2, if i try it. Get at me on Halo 3 fo sho. workin for my first start 3 more levels in doubles and im there.
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