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    Jon Talbain and Trunks have to be my main character interests. As far as everything else, I'm an artist and gamer since the day my dad introduced me to Atari. Then one day he came home, I went out into the living room, and out of this giant box he pulled out an orange gun..... Had a hard time sounding out the name thinking it was some new laser tag gun. From then on Nintendo was my new friend.

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  1. because... being able to play my old games with old school-like controlers instead of a keyboard and on a TV where it all began instead of a computer is how it best feels for me.
  2. For me I'd have to choose 1943(NES), Renegade(NES), Desert Strike (SEGA)
  3. Just got Zelda last week since everyone seemed to suggest that. When I first started I was amaised to what you were able to do in the game but as soon as I had to go and find those kids chasing after that monkey, I got to the spider web and couldnt figure how to get passed it. I set the game aside after loosing interest from that thinking I wasn't going to get into it. I asked my friend what to do and he said use the lantern. lol such common sense that i didnt have but after that the game got more and more interesting. Just when you think you've come close to beating it, another person needs some crap taken care of. I would recommend this to anyone who hasnt played it. Before I got Twilight, I downloaded the first Zelda from NES. Talk about bringing back memories. After beating that crap out of that I downloaded Zelda 2 Adventures of Link..... Now I know why I never played that game.
  4. Soon I'll be getting mario kart. Just got zelda last week.
  5. Felicia is my all time favorite. I guess you could say i just like P*ssy................. cats..
  6. I meant that it is able to search for routers unlike most other consoles.
  7. Can you play games against friends online such as Wii sports with the online channle?
  8. Looking to make some Wii friends. Let me know if your interested and send me your Wii code thing-of-a-mabob.
  9. Didnt realize that it had a built in ethernet connection. Scanned for routers and got like 4. Just not use to all these options as far as weather forecast and new highlights. i'm lovin it!
  10. Also the bad part of it all, I was all excited wanting to go on the internet so I unhooked my ethernet from the PS2 and just about flipped the Wii a hundred times over looking for the port. What a let down. now I have to go get that too. I heard you can go online and download old NES games, are there good selections? Do they have very many games or is this idea still under cunstruction?
  11. Just got my Wii after i made this thread yesterday. Got silver medals in all the wii sports trannings. After playing for about 3 hours I was drenched in sweat. Dam good workout!
  12. Besides Wii sports that comes with the Wii, what should be my first game to get. Bassically would like to hear what are peoples fav. Wii game to get sort fo a poll idea. When the next genereation of comes out in God knows how long, what will they call it.... Wii Wii???
  13. Temp you gotta hook me up with one of those nasty sigs. Yours always look awsum
  14. i had a high res file that i was trying to download to photobucket and I typed all that to be ready to copy it but it wouldnt download so i did the low res and it worked fine. didnt change what i typed. didnt think it mattered.
  15. Mine was on accident. My girl took her shirt off and hovered over me with her in my face and instead of saying I like these big 's in my face i accidently said I like these saggy 's in my face. Didn't go over too well for bout a few hours. I was thinking about the fact that they were hangin down in my face and didnt think of the word I was using.
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