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  1. Man, you wouldn't believe what a biatch it is to try to find cheats for this game. Anyway, thanx in advance.
  2. Technically, shouldn't No$GBA have been ALWAYS free? lol. It doesn't really make sense charging for something that implies with its title that it's free. It's like how Netzero started charging for their services.
  3. I'm sorry, I should have specified. I need a save that unlocks all of thethe hidden characters (like Baby Bonnet Hood and others). Thanx in advance.
  4. I need it to run Samurai Shodown 5 (obviously). If not, is there a dat file I can use for the Kawaks 1.45 loader? (the SiTWulf one or whatever it's called).
  5. A Jag emulator? Why would anyone want one unless they wanted to play Alien vs. Predator or Tempest 2000?
  6. That's the site he took the link off from... it's nowhere to be found on that page.
  7. You know, like what are the Street Fighter 2's of the pinball genre, if you know what I mean? What are some of the best well-known pinball machines?
  8. Just wondering GameCop, but why did you move this thread to the NeoGeo board? Street Fighter III doesn't even run on NeoGeo hardware. lol. That just kinda cracked me up the first time I saw it.
  9. It's listed as playable, and I got the set from mameroms.com, but when I try to load it, it just goes back to the Mame screen, not the game. Is this is a frequent problem? How can I fix it (if there is a solution)?
  10. Jesus Christ, 173 people viewed this, and not a single one knows anything? Surely someone has figured out a way to get this dump thing working on WinKawaks......
  11. Where can I get a large number of Neo-Geo.DAT cheat files?
  12. Thanks Spifffy, you've been a GREAT help. Happy gaming to you!
  13. Okay that raises 2 questions: 1) I am using Windows XP. How would I turn on the compatibility for Windows 98? 2) So the Kawaks Loader does not recognize zipped roms? (I ask because the example you gave listed a.rom file extension)
  14. Alright, I downloaded that pack and entered the password, I put the Neo-Geo rom and my samsho5 rom in there, added the data to the ASR.DAT file, but still it fails to recognize Samurai Shodown 5. Am I still missing a step here?
  15. Where can I find any? I'm looking for one for Samurai Shodown 5 specifically, but I'd like to have links to some for all the newer games (SVC Chaos, the newer King of Fighters, Matrimelee, among others).
  16. I've downloaded several emulators (NeoRagex XP, Winkawaks 1.46, Nebula, and Mame), but I don't see the entries that I can select to play Samurai Shodown 5 or any of the newer roms. How do I fix this problem so I can play these games?
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