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  1. Oh sorry i didnt try to break the rule, just didnt know. ok well thanx for all your help
  2. k tahnx im curious though, ive got some other games and they all run fine on my laptop, so idk umm i havent been able to find anywhere to dl any games for psx, wanna help me out? and once i dl those fixes i put them into the plugin folder right? Thanx 4 ur help.
  3. Im pretty new to this so i guess im a noob and since im a noob of course i need help ive been playing resident evil 2, on pj 64 version 1.6 and ive got a brand new lenovo laptop, dont know what kind of video card i got in it, but whenever they talk it gets messed up, the option menu is messed, and in leons profile when i find ben, the guy in the jail cell, it freezes in the conversation so i cant get past that part T_T i know some of these are common known issues but im not sure what to do, any help would be apreacheated.
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