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  1. The person I bought it from said to use this site instead of the .com site: http://www.r4dsl.net/index-en.asp Is this some sort of scam? This is the e-mail I got from them after I ordered:
  2. Th R4 is on its way. What are the best SNES and NES emus available for the DS?
  3. gameyeeaah has a US store as well. Have ordered over a dozen R4s from them. Great to deal with. Seems like they and everyone else is backordered on R4s right now though Had to order in 3 CycloDS Evolution cards for people since I couldn't find any R4s. Great card too... but mSD card is a biatch to get out of them. Looks like som backorders are finally coming in for R4s now so I can go back to those beauties! The person I'm getting from on Amazon, says they're the v3's. Those support SDHC right? If so, what's the best microSD card to get? I only want 2GB to start. Also, I heard the SNES
  4. I just ordered one off Amazon, because the seller has the v3's where echostore has the v2's.
  5. I'm looking to get an R4. I only want to play NES/SNES Roms. Where is the best place in the US to order one from? I ordered from gameyeeaah but cancelled after I found out they were in HK. I prefer to order from the US. Also, I hear the new version (R4v3) supports SDHC, which TF card is best?
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