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  1. Ogre isn't too bad but yeah he's quite overpowered.Well if u want a challenge why not try Aragon he's an edit of Ogre.I'm sure he'll keep u amused 4 quite a while but i warn u he makes ogre look not so cheap. oh an try shotakan an edit of rue's Evil ken he's ai is similar obviously but he does use a lot of different tactics an wins the majority of times against evil ken.Geese isn't Cheap???? He's super nearly kills u an his combos do a lot of damage.
  2. Hey guys i have rival schools 2 iso an i have no idea whats wrong with it.WHen i load it it works fine up until the moment it gets to the character selection screen the colours an pics don't display right.After u select your char it just crashes u can't play anymore.Though the odd thing is the mini games in there can be played an so i assume it has been fully emulated.i have tried several emulators an have same prob maybe it's the iso.Any input or help is appreciated. THX
  3. i have all three of em if.i can send u them on messenger or email.but there quiite big so unless u have a lot of email space can't sent it.I also have two edits of Hotaru.
  4. I never intended to insult shinryoga i agree mario was an incredible creation.What i meant was u could just create a character with no hit boxes,high damage,unlimited combos via 1 basic move,high HP etc. An that would already give him an edge.
  5. Tom hanks doesn't count he can't be killed an he has no ai. Anyone could create a cheap chararcter like that.nuff said
  6. hmmmm a Krizalid zat could take out Master Geese this i gotta see. Any chance we could make a trade. I have plenty of rare characters including shinksura, (OrochiChris and a OrochiIori (kof) zat can take out evilken an evilryu easily), dt, mit, clive, orochik, evilk My msn is hamilton_586@hotmail.com Also btw can this Krizalid take aragon (cheap ass ogre edit) Some other powerful characters zat might Perfect Storm X
  7. Hey FallenChronoXDo u actually know the guys i mentioned Wolverine x2's ai isn't hard even with high damage. He'd be lucky to land a punch on Master Geese an i doubt he'd last more than 20 secs Master Geese ai is too much i bet he could take two wolverine's at the same time.Also Perfect Storm x he'll take em all on. Well when it comes to cheapness Dark Athena 2nd tops em all.i Agree though Ken is hard an u can only beat him by resulting to cheap tactics an a lot of luck mate.
  8. heh i can name several characters who can take on evil ken an ryu quite easily Broli an Shredder too. Zero Hotaru, Aragon,Elque an Dark Athena 2nd should beat them. Master Geese could take Evil Ken an Evil ryu on at the same time easily.There r 2 more i can name but they r as rare as they come.
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