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  1. There is a 0$ solution. Its called Softmod. There are plenty of Tuts on xbox-scene.com. You only need one of these 3 original games(SplinterCell/007AuF/Mechthingie) and a Memory Card. You can rent them from a friend or from a videotheke. The only problem is that you need either Action Replay or a friend with a modded Xbox to put some files on the Memory Card. And you cant have big HDD's I think. But its cheap. I modded a friends Xbox that way and he is happy with it cause it doesnt cost him one single buck.
  2. No, I thought of an Menu like XMenu that lists up all your Roms in your KawaXSE/Roms folder. Then you select a game from the list and the menu says something like "use xbe #2" and launches the game with that xbe. Similar to the star in Surreal. But as SenatorIvy said there had to be an ability to run with arguments in KawaX. Sorry, I havent thought of that.
  3. You all know Surreal64, right? You may ask what this have to do with our loved KawaX SE? Let me tell you what my thought was(and maybe the thought of many others ): Surreal uses 4 *.xbe's, one for 1964, one for ultraxle, one for project64 and finally one for the front end. You start the front end xbe, see your list of games and after selecting one you have the choise of the 3 emu xbe's. Why not make KawaX SE like that? As the most of you know KawaX SE will need more then 1 xbe for running all the games. Why not greate a surreal like front end for the different KawaX SE xbe's? In my opinion this would be very nice. Like I said, it's just a well meaned suggestion and please excuse me for my bad english, I'm german and not the best in this school subject.
  4. Mario Party 3 (U) [!] - working Doctor Mario (U) [!] - working but not playable cause the dropping pills are invisible Wave Race 64 Shindou Edition (J) (V1.2) [!] - working (the one with rumble pack enabled) Perfect Dark (U) (V1.0) [!] - working but unstable Bomberman 64 (U) [!] - some times working but mostly black screen
  5. I've never checked it, but I'm sure that this is what a Bios Loader should do. I know that you use the Bios Loader to run all the homebrew stuff on your xbox without the need of opening it. To flash the Onboardchip you need to solder a wire and so you would have to open the xbox. That would mean that the Bios Loader couldn't be used to run homebrew apps on your xbox without opening and that stays in contrast to all I know. There is the Webpage of the Loader This is from the readme ============== Release Notes ============== For the first time ever, we have made it possible to boot a completely new rom from the hard drive, when booting from ANY kernel . . . ========= Usage ========= You will need to provide your own bios and RC4 key as those are illegal to distribute without permission from Microsoft. We have given a prerelease of our new version to a couple of other groups and they have told us that the following bioses work (not all may be available currently but we have been told they will be soon). Currently known working bioses: - Retail 3944 BFM - Retail 4034 BFM - Retail 4817 BFM - Retail 5101 BFM - *Complex Debug Bios BFM - *Complex Evoxdash Debug Bios BFM - Evox V2.6 BFM - Evox V2.6 EjectFix BFM - Evox D.6 BFM - Evox D.6 EjectFix BFM - X2 4976.02 BFM - X2 4977 BFM - *5455 Debug - *5558 Debug (* Debug bioses expect the XDK Launcher to be properly installed.) Step 1 - Install files Install the included default.xbe, phoenix.raw, and boot.cfg file into the directory of your choice on your xbox, using any method you prefer (007 hack, dash hack, evox). Install any bios(es) you wish to load into the same directory. To get started, just rename the one you want to load to "xboxrom.bin". Don't forget to sign the default.xbe for the boot method you are using. Step 2 - Edit boot.cfg Step 2a- Edit the RC4Key entry to be the appropriate RC4 key for the bios you are loading. If you specify the key to be all 0x00's, it will assume the 2BL is decrypted already in the rom you are providing. Also note that if you really want to rename your bios file, you can provide the name here with the Romfile parameter. Step 2b- Specify a second rom to boot when tray is open (this is optional). Edit the AltRomfile entry to be the name of a second rom you would like to boot if you run the loader with the tray open. If you comment out the AltRomfile line, the loader will always try to load the rom specified with the Romfile entry. Step 2c- Edit the EEPROMKey1_0 and EEPROMKey1_1 entries. You only really need to put in the one for your version of the Xbox. Now at runtime the loader will detect your xbox version and patch in the appropriate EEPROM key. Hopefully this will help out the save game problem too. We would have liked to have provided the keys, but we decided against it for legal reasons. When upgrading: DO NOT JUST COPY IN THE NEW XBE WITHOUT ADDING THE EEPROM KEYS TO THE BOOT.CFG Step 2d- Edit the LEDSequence to your liking. You can use the letter r, o, g, and x here to represent red, orange, green, and off, respectivly. So, for example: LEDSequence oxxx would be slow orange flash LEDSequence rrgg would be slow red/green flash LEDSequence rogo would be all crazy like LEDSequence gggg would be solid green If you comment out the LEDSequence line the LED's will not be modified by the loader. Step 2e- Set the Debug parameter to your liking. "Debug true" Will cause the intro/splash to not be displayed, and cause detailed debugging messages to be displayed. (case sensitive) Any other value will cause normal behavior. Step 3 - Launch the application. Depending on your preference you may be launching the application via the dash hack, or the 007 hack, or the audio hack, or from any 3rd party dashboard. Just go ahead and launch our app! You will see our intro being rendered (don't worry, it will only display the full intro the first time you run it), and then you will find yourself in whatever dash the bios normally will launch. If you have setup a secondary bios (as specified in Step 2b) you can load that bios by ejecting the tray and leaving it open when you run our loader. Note that if you are launching the application automatically from the dash hack, you will need to be careful as you could find yourself in an infinite loop if you are loading a bios which tries to boot the Microsoft dashboard. Various bioses look for evoxdash.xbe first, so as long as you are using one of those bioses and you have evoxdash.xbe installed, it will launch that one first.
  6. There is a way to "flash" an unflashable modship. And your chip will stay as it is. Download the phoenix bios loader and put it in your apps directory. With that tool you can load and run any bios out of your harddisk.
  7. So just wait until it is released officially and support the creator of this emu by not spreading it now. Don't play
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