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  1. i doubt hes coming back because the version says "final" LAST DS2WIN EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  2. there is none... you have to set it
  3. admins dont come around these parts of town... O.O say please?
  4. your ip adress you type in is wrong. open cmd and type in ipconfig and then use that ip adress it asks for also read the readme it comes with for more help
  5. is this going to be the last version?
  6. it could be your router is like those hotel ones where it doesnt give all the information so a laptop would make it. the ds doesn't have this
  7. hey monkeynz, thanks for the new update. Keep up the Great work = )
  8. i think the updater is just bored of the work... u do know that theres nothing in it for him
  9. ur the only one who has said anything in 2 months
  10. u need a wifi connection and ur ip adress
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