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  1. neoragex because of dipswitches then kawaks comes second
  2. Hello i'm new here Wish you a merry xmas. I apologize for the English and like i am also a newbie, i dont understand too much from decrypt-encrypt issues. I have problem with MSlug5 i have downloaded 2 versions of mslug5.zip and mslug5nd.zip as you know mslug5nd.zip gives bad graphics. mslug5.zip does not have the v roms and m rom and c4 rom have different CRC (899FB2AF) from the nd.zip i have combined v roms and m rom from "nd" zip to mslug5.zip and get Z80 error. then i changed p1 rom (5mb crc with E2) with the 8 mb from the nd.zip (the one with crc 3F) and again get Z80 error Almost i forgot. I used K_loader. So am i making mistakes or what is the problem? Any suggestions. Thanks in advance
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