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  1. Hi everyone, i have this 2 player arcade controller for the playstation and was wondering if it could be used to play the emulators on my PC. Please help! Thank you! Cheers!
  2. Dudes! Here's something cute to pass your time... Play as poppy, galford's dog In the character select screen, go to galford, hold start,then input the following directions: r,l,r,l,l,r,r,l,l,r Poppy is rather powerful, very low so many sword atacks misses him. Movement is fast too. Have fun!!!
  3. Thanks you guys... That was pretty DUH for me... the loader was just above nebula... Thanks so much again!
  4. Hi everyone! I've downloaded the rom from the above and true enough it was locked... i can hear the audio but not the video, there was text on the top of the screen saying this game was locked... This is running on Nebula btw... I'm a noob at this so if anyone knows how to unlock it pls do help... or maybe suggest an easier way of getting to play this amazing game... Genjuro rocks! Cheers!
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