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  1. Psycho Shredder or Brolly are not rediculously cheap. They were made to be very powerful, as a challenge to see who can make the most powerful character. Yet they are still bound by certain rules and yes they are beatable. Let me put it in DBZ term, think Super Bu and SSJ4 Goku. Omega Tom Hanks is an april fool joke and is not in the same league as Psycho Shredder or Brolly. Because Omega Tom Hanks is not bound by the same rules that Psycho Shredder or Brolly is bound by. Although Omega Tom Hanks was made to be unbeatable the fact is that he is beatable. But to beat him you will have to understand the codes that was used to make him. To make it short Omega Tom Hanks can be kill by the F1 button.
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