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  1. Guess it never will since we already are waiting for almost a year!
  2. Same here!! Please recompile ffs!! Almost has been a year and we are still waiting for a dang recompile giev plx.
  3. my problem is quite similar to yours, except sometimes it says cannot connect. ive done pretty much everything but its nto working =(. any got any ideas? Same here but it's because I've got a newer dslite which uses different wifi hardware and therefore ds2key needs to be updated with a new wifilib and I have already been waiting for that for like more then half a year =(.
  4. BlazinAsian

    No Devolpment?

    He told me he was going to work on a new version but he doesn't have much time because of work and stuff.
  5. Would flasing my ds lite make it work?
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