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  1. i set my set xbox to wide screen too but it wont work just froze on that screen thanks for very fast reply
  2. it's seems like hdtv support is broken in 1.28 it freeze when i change video mode from 480i to 480p or 720p can you fix this thanks a lot
  3. i use patch1 could u test and fix patch1 please ?
  4. i'm still have a problem with the latest patch sound still broken for mslug5 set but fine with ms5plus didn't test with mslug5d and mslug5nd coz i dont have full set of them
  5. just test it samsho5 is fine now but Metal Slug 5 has sound glitch instead
  6. u r the man !! fast response & fix.thanks i suggest one more thing beside the bug.i think ur patch should have some build in the name like FBAXXXProPatch2005.08.26.003.rar << 2005.08.26 came from original fbaxxx build and 003 stand for ur build or something like this. it might clearing up when we talk which version is which. fbaxxxpro_patch1.rar = FBAXXXProPatch2005.08.26.003.rar fbaxxxpro_patch2.rar = FBAXXXProPatch2005.08.02.003.rar
  7. Samurai Spirit 5 /Special all roms have sound glitch. just test right now with all correct crc from dat
  8. On the kawa-x se site, it just mention only the size of rom.. EDIT: GameCop
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