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  1. Is there any emulators that runs this, and is there even the rom/iso itself? I'm especially looking for 3rd Mix Arcade version.
  2. I get the following message in MAME 77 269-p1.bin NOT FOUND 269-s1.bin NOT FOUND sfix.sfx NOT FOUND sp.s2.sp1 NOT FOUND sm1.sm1 NOT FOUND 269-m1.bin NOT FOUND 000-lo.lo NOT FOUND
  3. I was going to quit trying, but news from a Gamestop manager who owns the MVS version says the US PS2 Chaos is due June 23. OK, James. I think the best bet is MAME, I have 77.1b, and SVCPlus is already in the ALL GAMES list, so I know that it's compatible. I have the SVCPlus rom set, and have used ISPxp to add the patches, and I've changed the names as needed, Ive set the directory to the ROM folder that contains the SVC rom zip folder, the newest BIOS zip folder, and the DAT file. I can't imagine that I'm missing anything. But if you can figure it out, great.
  4. Jun Kazama's not in the list. Jun Kazama + 3 ring infinte = ownage.
  5. if you were doing it right it would be working by all means wait for for the ps2 version . Hey, this is the first arcade game that I've even tried to play on an emulator. Its quite different than SNES 9X, VBA, Gens, ect. But even with all these added steps, I've still done everything according to this, and other sites that I've seen. I even have ALL Versions of the known SVC playable EMUs. But I guess I just want to play more for the "its not out yet" factor, so I'm not going to push it.
  6. Screw this. Its a bit too involved, I know that I'm doing all this stuff right, and have more than is needed to play this mess. I quit. I'll wait on the PS2, even though the sprites are gonna be small.
  7. Ok, gentlemen. This thread has gotten me a great deal through this. I have Nebula 2.23c Kawaks 1.46b/Loader MAME32 77.1b Kawaks1.47 SVCPlus(Ive added patches)/1 set renamed-269.bin/1 set normal names DAT File Newest BIOS I still seem to be missing a step. I cant figure what it is. I'm not going to even try to use any Kawaks, cause the game isn't in the load screen. The others wont load it. I set the directory to the folder containing the BIOS, and SVCPlus rom. What else must be done? I wouldnt even go through this, but this game wont be on PS2 for a while in the US.
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