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  1. My, my. I am having a super problem. My Megaman char works really good, but everytime I win, whether the whole match is over or not, this really stupid looking win screen pops up, showing Megaman and his big thumbs up against a space background and a big planet (you may recognize it from the Marvel vs. Capcom game). All I want to do is get rid of it, but everything I do is not making ANY difference AT ALL. Can someone tell me what to do, or take a copy of it and figure it out???

  2. You should look around this forum some more, there is a link for

    Naruto chars somewhere.


    As for Ichigo, I have him. If hes the only one you want, gimme a ring at my IM, Evil_Ryu_X@yahoo.com


    EDIT: Please do NOT e-mail me, I cant send the char through there. Use my IM.

  3. Hi guys. My account wont let me back in, so now im Evil_Ryu_X.


    I have a question: If I have the sounds, how many of you think you can make a good Mugen soundpack? It intrigues me to find out how to make custom sounds for Mugen. (I wanna hear that 'Ready? GO!' again)

  4. Hey there. I'm a bit more sympathetic to new players than most of those I've met here. If you e-mail me at Evil_Ryu_X@yahoo.com, I'll send you my Mugen folder; complete with 50+ characters (including Evil Ryu and Ken, and Ichigo), 49 stages, and one piece of music for each character. It also has the World Warriors X screenpack and music for the main menu, character select, and VS screen. ^^


    Basically, Ill send you my mugen folder, you put it in you program files, and play it. Simple. ^^

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