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  1. found out that fullscreen has to be enabled before running the game well on my way to one awesome DC emulation system!
  2. some good info in this thread, it'd be nice if it were stickied, imo
  3. I got it. I had to uninstall my Nvidia drivers and then reinstall them through device manager. Now I just gotta figure out what's up w/ the speed. The sound's real jerky on that machine. EmptyAICA runs like a dream tho. Also, Fullscreen is grayed out when I go to the NullPVR settings? Any ideas?
  4. that's what I was afraid of. Taking out the HDTV Wonder didn't help anything. I might have to dig up an older graphics card or swap in the one from my PC to see if that works. If it doesn't maybe a format is in order. Thanks anyway, I'll update if I have any luck
  5. About a year or so ago I set out to build a decent HTPC for my family room. It's taken a long time but I'm finally at the stage where it's all coming together. One of the crowning jewels in getting me started with this was the thought of Dreamcast emulation. When NullDC (and this forum) were featured on Digg was when I really started working the clock toward getting this going. I downloaded NullDC and ran Capcom vs Marvel 2 on my gaming PC without a hitch. When I try to start the system in NullDC on my HTPC if I have NullPVR selected for the graphics it crashes with a nullpvr.dll error or something. If I attempt it with Chaka's it tells my video card isn't DX9 compatible or desktop isn't set to 32bit. Both of which it is. I did a lot of searching before I decided to post my plea for help. The video card I'm running the HTPC is a 6600GT. I've updated all the drivers, and found a thread where someone suggested using 3dAnalyzer with emulate Hw TnL turned on and that still didn't work, though I'm not sure if there was anything else I needed to do in 3DAnalyzer but select the NullDC exe and check that box and hit Run. The only other thing I can think of is that the ATI HDTV Wonder that's in the PC is complicating things. I might take it out just for a test run to see if NullDC will run otherwise. Any help would be more than appreciated.
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