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  1. Thanks for the help, man. I got some of the sounds I needed, but most of those are Mario sounds. What I really need is a SSBM voice pack, like the announcer, you know? I need to get one that I can add to my Mugen...
  2. LOL, I'm sure it would. The original plan for Elecbyte, as far as I know, was to make M.U.G.E.N. and then sell it to the public. Nothing would stop them from doing this now, and the fact that our characters will be incompatible is even more proof of that.
  3. Yes, no one is arguing that. Its simply the fact that Elecbyte is going out of its way to be male organS and keep us from using our old characters, even if we DO buy the new system (because you know it wont be free).
  4. Does anyone know where I can find the sounds from SSBM to put in my screenpack? I've googled it and yahoo'ed it and freakin swickied it but I can't find it anywhere. I know it exists, I've seen it on YouTube.
  5. Not quite yet. If you go to elecbyte's homepage, you'll see a banner, and an FAQ button. Within the FAQ button, they mention that when they feel the time is right, they will release a new, debugged version of MUGEN (probably for a price) that will not be compatible with old MUGEN characters at ALL. I think they are still really pissed that someone leaked the MUGEN system, so they are making a new one that isnt compatible with our old characters on purpose.
  6. They still seem really pissed off. Have you guys read the FAQ? Our old characters will not be compatible with this new, debugged M.U.G.E.N. AT ALL. That sucks.
  7. Its working fine for me. Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, you should probably switch to Mozilla Firefox. Just right click the link and click 'Save As'. That should fix it.
  8. Lol, that would be quite interesting. Hmm. What about an Astro Boy character?
  9. This is my list of characters: Ryu Evil Ryu Ken Evil Ken Sensei Ken Akuma / Gouki Zangief Chun-Li Blanka Bison / Vega Evil Dan Captain Marvel Captain America Ironman Colossus Cyclops Gambit Wolverine Storm Hulk Iceman Spiderman Symbiote Spiderman Spiderman 2099 Carnage Venom Silver Samurai Dr. Doom Sandman Ghost Rider Thor Mai Athena 2002 Hinako Maxima Kasumi King Goku Frieza Cell Kirby Zero Link Ichigo Edward Elric Sango Jin Saotome Strider Hiryu Strider Hien Hayato Nakoruru You want some, simply tell me. My e-mail is valor_form00@yahoo.com, and my IM is valor_form00.
  10. Thank you, saved me the trouble of answering. I didn't personally download the Primal Rage characters, I simply saw them there. Anyone else?
  11. I don't think one exists. I have a plethora of websites, upwards of forty, and none have Inspector Gadget. There IS always a possibility of error.
  12. You're a bit late- I don't think original poster will answer you. Have you tried the links in the stickies? Agreed. Anyway, http://www.veteranos.xpg.com.br/cyberbit.htm, thats your link to Talon and Vertigo. Click "Entraro" at the bottom to enter, and the link are on the left.
  13. http://www.veteranos.xpg.com.br/cyberbit.htm You should find several Primal Rage characters here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the link that says "Entraro". After you're in, the char and stage links are in the left side.
  14. Hello all. I have a slightly peculiar request that isn't amongst the character requests. I happen to be looking for stages for specific characters. Now, I understand that it's probably senseless to post each one of my characters here, because, quite frankly, none of you care. However, if one of you could point me in the right direction of a good site for stages, please do so. Even some choice keywords for Google would help. I have been Googling this stuff for about three days now, and I'm tired. Please, if you would, help me out. EDIT: I'm kinda hoping for the corresponding music to go with the stages. This is a large challenge for me, to find these. I'm wondering how many of you can actually do it.
  15. I find your reply quite hard to follow. I have custom life bars, and I placed them in a folder named bars. I then proceeded to add this folder to my data folder (the location of said system.def file; as you said, the folder has to be in the same folder as system.def). I modified the line exactly as you showed, so that: fight = Bars/fight.def When I proceeded to start up Mugen to check my progress, the window closed and I was given an error message, stating that the file fightfx.dff could not be verified. When I removed the command from the system.def file, my game resumed as normal. Did I miss something, or did you?
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