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  1. look here. Had a friend do it for me dont know what he did to get it to work. He did it a totally different way which i dont know how so i mean dont sweat it.
  2. Ok since your attacking me at every corner. The only reason i ask that is because maybe there's another way around it which it was so i still got the job done...nice tutorial BlackKnight.
  3. OK im asking again...PLZ DO NOT MISS THIS!!!! DO I NEED HOTSHOT GOLF 2 IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK!!! Thats all im asking.
  4. Funny thing about that mac address is its false couldnt do anything with no way. Thx for looking out for me.
  5. ok i have two questions about the playstation tutorial... 1. Do you have to have hotshot golf 2 for this to work? and 2. The iso i have is in 3 parts, does it need to be all 1 or is there a way that even tho its in 3 parts it will still work?
  6. Hey psp fans. I was just wondering does anyone know how to put a playstation emulator on your psp? If so would any of you mind helping me do this. Reason why? I have Tales of Destiny 2 iso on my computer and was just wondering if it was possible to play it on my psp.
  7. ok im noob at this true enough ive had my psp 3 months now but what is firmware?
  8. Hey psp fans I was just wondering...today i saw where you can connect your psp to your computer and play it from there fullscreen and i was just wondering if anyone knew how to do it and could possibly help me out that way i could play my psp from my computer.
  9. Funny thing i didnt know was that mugen was classified as a emulator(thats what i heard maybe its not). I just thought it was a 2d fighting program.
  10. Na dude im not going to leave ya hangin just been having a small issue with my mugen but ill keep posting or either get some more ppl to the forum. Cool. I'd be good to have more than me, ishizimaru (I think that's how you spell it) and evil ryu x in here. lol Evil Ryu has been much help i mean ive did more with mugen than ive ever done before when i came along in mugen i was having a hard time with adding characters(easy part just wouldnt read) and stages(another easy part but wouldnt read) lol. Now the thing is now trying to make my own character.
  11. Na dude im not going to leave ya hangin just been having a small issue with my mugen but ill keep posting or either get some more ppl to the forum.
  12. Ive check everything you said and to me nothing is wrong but something is because my music is still not working and ive look over this 5 times already. Is there a way i could send you my mugen configuration file and you can see if i did something wrong cause at this point i dont know what else is there to do but either find another screenpack or either just use the regular stuff that came with winmugen which looks rather boring.
  13. What it is Mugen Fans!!! Alright today i went character shopping(Wtf!!!Who says that!?!?...lol) and i was thinking along the lines of is this theft that im committing??? Cause true enought ppl put remakes of characters from different games and their own ideas and allow you to download them for free but is it bad that yes i do give them credit for what they did and the time they spent on working on each individual character??? Yet i dont post saying that was a nice job or i like what you did and you know that kind of stuff. So ppl i would like to hear your thoughts and concerns on this particular subject. -laterz
  14. Wow!! thats some mad skill right there....Without Looking?!?!..lmao.
  15. Ok...been at this thing for the last 4 days. I downloaded this screenpack a week ago and finally got it to work but the problem is my music for the stages will not work and i cant figure out why? I took the data folder that came with this screenpack and just overwrite my data folder that i already had everything was fine until i lost my music now i cant figure out why the music is not playing. If anyone has this screenpack and did the same thing i did and got the music to work plz!! i mean plz!! let me know how and what you did to make it work.
  16. ok i figure out that the bonus stage i had didnt have a readme file or any of the sort so i got my bonus stage from a different website came with instructions and everything. So ppl when downloading mugen stuff make sure the readme is there or some type of instruction manual and dont make the mistake i did.
  17. hmm...i see but you gotta admit whoever or whatever got a hold to ryu made sure that he was a top-notch opponent cause i still have hell when i do 1 on 2 fights and its left down to me and him and all of a sudden he gets a wild hair and look out. But yea i see what your saying because what i was going to do was just base mine off of just king of fighters and street fighter but i thought after awhile it wouldnt be all that fun with just that group. It would get boring after a while.
  18. Umm..yea i did look. I found a video but all he talk abt was how to put in a screenpack, lifebars, and different text and most of the videos were showing bonus stages and not how to install them. If i would have found it i wouldnt be posting.
  19. What it is Mugen Fans!!!! Yea..ummm im having a little problem? Where and how do you install a mugen bonus stage? I took a look at some bonus stages on youtube but none of them tell you how to install a mugen bonus and some of them just had bad quality so yea. If anyone may know how to do this plz let me know. -Laterz
  20. Hey i have a quick question. What should a mugen be base on as in character wise? Cause i put a couple of marvel characters and they just murder the hell out of kof fighters and street fighters.
  21. Omg!! man thx alot. I really appricate that website.Wish i found something like that or to the sort but everytime i search google i get some weird japanese or chinese site and have to click around ads like crazy to find some characters. Thx man Mad props to ya.
  22. Hello again Mugen fans!!!! Was searching google today and was wondering if anyone had any King of Fighters XI characters and i just would like to know where can i find them. If any has these characters (Duck King, Oswald, Ryo(idk if hes feature in that game, or better yet if anyone knows of a good Mugen site that has king of fighters characters in general i would like to know. P.S. if anyone is looking for a character or want to trade some let me know and i will see if i have it or not.
  23. Hi all M.U.G.E.N Fans!!! I have been searching google for the NeoGeo colosseum screenpack and i cant find one. I found a site but it didnt have a link for it just images, So by any chance if someone has it or knows where else i can get it plz let me know. i will gladly appricate it and also i was just wondering are there stages that are continuous that just keeps going no stopping point?
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