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  1. No, too much money. I'm convinced that there is a way to get around the problem. Can anyone tell me how to find your WEP key?
  2. I did google, many times. That doesn't really help as I already said I do NOT have a router, I have USB tha tI use for my DS. My router is not compatible with my DS. I also have already done most of that stuff XD
  3. Well I have, I use that to wokr my wii, and then I bought a new USB WiFi Max for my DS.
  4. Might sound absolutely stupid, but I'm excited about this game, and I don't even have an X-box 360 O_o
  5. Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting online with my NDS. I have a Wifi Max USB that I got from eBay and I'm picking it up at full three bars on my DS. I have manually entered Subnet Mask, IP address, gateway and everything, but I get back error code 52100 all the time. When I test the connsection I have 3 bars for about 1 minute, and then it drops dead and I get the message: "Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Confirm connection settings and access point settings. For Help. visit www.nintendowifi.com. The site has not helped me much as I have a USB. I do have a modem that I use for my wii, could this be a problem? Is it anything to do with manually entering the WEP key? Does anybody know how to solve my problem? Thanks ~Jimmyray
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