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    A question

    If any of you read that post I made on the No$gba games list, I had trouble in "It's a wonderful world" on No$gba, not lag-wise, but just about everything was black, everything useful that is, that includes buttons, sprites, the backgrounds in the top screen. I tried the game on Ideas and there it was again. I want to know if there's a problem with the rom or is this just something that hasn't been implemented yet into any emulator. If anybody can answer, thanks.
  2. New here but that's not the point. 1240 - It's a wonderful world or, Subarashiki Kono Sekai which is a relativly new game for the DS also has a rom that's not that hard to find but it's 100mb. But apart from that, No$gba doesn't run it very well: Images are blacked out, including the menu, Neku [main hero] and everybody in Shibuya [where the game begins, dunno about the rest of it] Also there are the usual sound weirdies, the constant lag with them and stuff. But for one thing you can at least hear Neku's voice acting and some of the music that's good. Not playable through.
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