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  1. Hello, I have a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector to play DS Games Online because my routers security settings are incompatible, and i dont want to re-configure the router because it will probably kill off the 3 other systems connecting to it. Here are the specifications for my DS and its Wi-Fi: Nintendo DS Original Titanium Color Shell Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector powered by Buffalo SuperCard DS One 1gb MicroSD Belkin 802.11g Wireless Router WLAN This is the problem: When using DS Roms to configure my Wi-Fi settings, it works fine, i save the Wi-Fi settings to the SuperCard. Wifi works fine on DS Roms. Now, when i try to test my connection on a homebrew or application such as DS Wifi, i get this as soon as I press "Use Nintendo WFC Data." Connecting to AP... Cannot connect to Access Point. (Hit Cancel to continue) I need help, can someone help me? I really need the answer to my Wi-Fi Problems so i can use Wi-Fi to use Beup, Win2ds and even Quake. P.S Don't Suggest getting a DS Lite, i have no money
  2. im really stuck, my ds is configured to my WiFi Connector but when i press auto connect it always says cannotconnect, im only connecting through my Connector because thats the only AP that my DS can connect to. Whats wrong with it? I have a SuperCard DS One. Is that incompatible or something because i dont know anything about internet connections, and forwarding the router to port 8888? My internet runs through a 802.11g Belkin wireless router, possible incompatiblity? Because i really want to play RCT3 on my ds!
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