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  1. One of the reasons I let my moderator stuff go was that you would start a topic get it closed or say you would tell some fucker to stop screwing around and another mod would come in and overrule you.

    This forum was better when it was a bit more bad ass.


    Dont get me wrong, I have been to forums as real as you can get, football forums etc and those places are full of fucking super cunts, you dont want a forum full of hard asses, you need balance.

    Anyway I just hope the cop shows up now and we can get a "yes or no" answer to our demands.


    Fuck man as i recall when i showed back up at 1emu it was still a bit busy, its like i give it the kiss of death and all i did was post shit.


    I still remember the day i found out that you guys were banning people for one day, and I was banning people for a week. Good times.

  2. Vanquish demo was awesome.

    Yeah. Took me forever and a day to beat that boss, though. Two forms, and a few dozen "weak point" cores. Fuck the one that's attached to it's back. Its triple laser sweep move is also pretty nasty.


    Yeah my only fault with the game is you run out of ammo pretty damn fast. Beat the boss with barely ammo left and I'm like if this last mg clip doesn't do it fuck.

  3. There's already thousands of Anime that I haven't seen, thousands of American Films I haven't seen, and people act like I'm the bane of existence because I haven't seen all of this stuff.


    Quitting Anime.


    Once you watch an Anime someone recommends, someone else says, "Have you seen this movie / anime?".


    My reply: "No"


    Their reply: "Are you serious? You're a failure".


    Well played.


    As I was telling Aki the other day, I still haven't seen Pulp fiction, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Casablanca, etcetcetc. Still haven't played Half life 2.


    I'll get to it eventually and idc.

  4. Alien Swarm


    It's a free game released by the modders Valve hired to make L4D. It's extremely fun and anybody that wants to play with me can hit me up on steam.




    Traitor to the LoL Scene.


    I'll grab it later as I don't feel like dling 2 gigs atm.


    I played this back when it was a ut2004 mod and it is hard. (There is limited ammo, respawn and Friendly fire).

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