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  1. Diso
    Finally fixed my computer after so long of dealing with slowdowns during the school year. Turned out to be a harddrive problem where my primary IDE drives were set to PIO mode. Well, the computer's doing well now so I'm able to enjoy gaming again on the main computer.
    School's going pretty well as I'm not struggling with classes this time around. Kind of hard to believe the first year is over as I didn't find myself wanting it to be over as I did with high school. Saw a lot of interesting stuff and experienced different junk throughout the year.
    Need some cake though.
  2. Diso
    It's thankgiving break. So far, college is pretty good. Trying to beat some games I started over my stay at college and I'm not failing miserably at that. Saw my first concert at college. It was pretty cool despite the loss of hearing afterwards and the strong bass that you feel when you're near the front. I suppose I'll get used to it after many other concerts. Home is still the same. Got interested in anime again and watch that occasionally. I can finally get to watching some of the anime that's been sitting around for over a year now. Anyways, I think that's about it.
    I have no idea when I started talking in fragments in random places. I guess I'm kind of used to it.
  3. Diso
    Somehow, the old playstation turned up in my house. So time to play/finish any ps games I didn't bother finish 2 years ago when it went missing
  4. Diso
    Summer going kinda slow still for me. Not really finding any games that I"m interested in that I want to play. Hopefully, that might change when I upgrade my computer, but I'm not too sure about that. Just been doing misc. stuff as well as minor online gaming just to pass the time really. Otherwise, Nothing interesting here.
  5. Diso
    Only got like a 10 days until my high school career is over. Just gotta endure through tests, projects, essays, finals (if any), etc. Standard BS. Then it's graduation.
    It went pretty quickly didn't it.
  6. Diso
    You know what annoys me about the internet? Those dumb comfirmation pictures where you have to type in some randomly-generated code to confirm you're a human being and not a machine. I usually don't mind these but when they decide to put the letters in some freaky-ass font where you can't distinguish between a 1 and an L, or decide to put some silly background that makes the letters harder to read, that's when it annoys me. Especially when they only give you a certain amount of tries to do it.
  7. Diso
    Ever since Summer, I've decided to get new music while ocassionally going through my old music list which originally had 1623 songs. Rather than go through it manually, I decided to leave the shuffle feature on and ended up getting the same songs like 3 times (Thank you winamp). Until recently, I decided to put the new music on hold, turn the shuffle off, and listen to every song from A to Z. I've deleted a lot and had to edit a lot of the tags that were badly named. I'm now left with about 1300 songs (A lot include the new songs), and I"m pretty happy that it's done now.
  8. Diso
    So Another recap post again since I haven't done anything in a while. I'm currently going through finals and my last final is tomorrow. My finals have been going good (got the B I wanted in Physics by getting an A on the final (I hate physics)). My last real final is tomorrow which is biology, which I've been looking at old test questions and junk and see if I can finish it in 5 minutes or so. Otherwise I'll be on break just catching up on old psx rpgs and doing some gaming and watching anime, which I haven't done for a year.
    On my future, I've been accepted to most of my colleges (one I didn't send yet) and I pretty much know where I want to go. The debate between choosing between pharmacy and computer science and networking is almost done (Leaning towards computer science), but I still have about 2-3 months to decide on that.
    Teh family is home and nothing else.
  9. Diso
    So this weekend, I took the liberty of searching my harddrives listening to new music and deleting the useless stuff I don't need and organizing my crap around. I would say I had to uninstall a lot of games I haven't bothered to continue playing.
    ^Hardly qualifies as news
    Anyways, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is pretty awesome. I only did a small test run, and I enjoyed it so far. Kind of wish they had a bigger roster though.
  10. Diso
    I Went to a wedding for my brother's godfather's son yesterday night. I didn't have much fun due that I didn't really want to dance (though I did ended up dancing once). I got to meet a lot of family relatives and friends that I haven't seen before so that was pretty nice. I still couldn't drink the alcohol though; that's probably what makes the wedding funner.
  11. Diso
    College life is interesting enough. Met some people, classes are somewhat difficult, and I'm still working out on the kinks in scheduling and books. Otherwise, college life is pretty relaxed for the moment. Just need to work on obtaining some junk when I go home on Labor Day weekend to make the overall experience better.
  12. Diso
    High school is finally over. Said a lot of goodbyes today, but I'm pretty sure I'll see a lot of them over the summer. What's kind of sad is that the same rountine I've been doing in my life is going to change. Oh well. Right now, I'm just concentrating on having a fun summer break and I'll worry about all that sentimental BS when I get there.
  13. Diso
    January is over. Only got 4 months or so till school is over.
    Also, winter is going to end soon (unfortunately). I hate spring. That's the season when my allergies go haywire for no reason, as well as those noisy little annoying buggers coming out.
  14. Diso
    Winter break is over.
    I enjoyed every minute of it, and it's time to go back to school. Just a little recap, my skiing trip got cancelled over the weekend due to weather problems, So boo to that.
    Also, I decided to accomplish something over the break so I didn't feel like I didn't do anything. So I learned about hexadecimals and binary. I also Added two links to my signature that allows you guys to connect to both IRC 1emu channels via Java IRC client (Thanks pjirc). That's all
  15. Diso
    Thanksgiving Break was pretty fun. I got to see one of my brothers and his friends for about three days before they left for Northwestern again. The Thanksgiving dinner was a lot of food. I don't think we finished a lot of the turkey and the 2 roasts my mom cooked. I also got to see my oldest brother and his crazy two roommates. Got a 30 gb video ipod for my birthday and a used lcd from my dad as well as Devil May Cry 3 from my friends. Snow day on friday and just been lazy then
    Yes this is a mental regurgitation
  16. Diso
    Well, it started. I don't know when it started but today, I heard christmas carols on the radio. It's only November 15th, yet a month and a week to go before christmas, but people insist on playing the christmas songs this early in the year. I don't really have a problem with christmas songs; it's just like, Wow already!?
    So lately, I've been writing a few game reviews, and I was following the guidelines posted by Gamecop when it got me wondering about us reviewing the "Control" aspect. Now I can understand sluggish controls and complicated controls for action games and sports games and other games like that. But game's like RPG's and RTS really have simple controls. So they get an 8-9 out of a possible 10. It's almost like how the hell do we take off points off a simple control system. The lack of creativity!?
    ( '-') |
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