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  1. Hi im having trouble connecting to the Classic Sega Hub on DC i keep getting Connection Timeouts anyone having the same problems? cheers
  2. Revenge kicked both their butts but out of them two anyway, its wrestlemania. No mercy had worse gfx than WM2000 and worse gameplay
  3. yea im already doing stuff with the DC i only got my first DC 3 months ago...now its probably the best console ive owned after the Mega Drive SEGA is an amazing company. its a sad state of affairs theyre in now same with SNK
  4. hi is there a ps2 boot disk that allows burned PS1 games to work on it without a chip or cheat cartridge? There are some files listed on classicsega's hub on DC, but i downloaded one of them and couldnt work it if there is, could anyone point me in the right direction? cheers Stu
  5. Hi what program do you use to connect to that server? cheers by the way, the classicsega hub on direct connect isnt bad at all. the link is in the pinned topic about DC-X import enabler on here, page 3 i think
  6. theres a link for dc-x on mega games, but i dont know how to burn it as it doesnt have a file type. anyone know how? Ive now tried DC-IE and the same thing happens. The dreamcast can read the audio tracks on it when i go to the audio player, but thats all i get off this
  7. Hi im using a UK Dreamcast, and have imported a japanese version of fire pro wrestling. I have the boot disks of Utopia v1.1 and Gameshark v3.3 (from a link posted in another topic on here) Problem is that the game will not load on any. The utopia disk reaches 100% and then the screen just goes black The same happens with the gameshark. The computer reboots, and then...black! Nothing happens Sonic Adventure 2 loads up perfectly, and thats a japanese disk, so why not Fire pro? any help will be much appreciated cheers Stu
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