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  1. What was the link to his forums? http://forums.ngemu.com/no-gba-discussion/ Incredible... Forums are up again...
  2. I contacted the author some time ago... and I never got an answer from him... How are WE supposed to give emulator feedback if HE doesn't care about it??? Or maybe that e-mail isn't working anymore??? Btw, the forums are also down so... I guess he is on his own... :s
  3. I think that'll be a nice feature... And it will also be nice to create something like a great emulator where the ppl from dualis, desmume and no$gba work together and implement the great advances of each emulator... Btw, which is the latest version of dualis???
  4. http://nocash.emubase.de/email.htm Thx for the info
  5. Yes, it can save your progress. You're Doing It Wrong How can i correct it??? How can I save (and load) a state....???
  6. Hiya!!! Do u guys know how to contact the author of no$gba??? He complains that he isn't getting any feedback and bug reporting, but how can WE do that if the forums aren't working???? By the way, no$gba has really nice compatibility but the problem is that you cannot save your progress The save state creates a file, but when you try to load it, the emulator crashes... By the way... Desmume is a really good option also... It doesn't have that much compatibility but saves the game progress perfectly...
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