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  1. This game works perfectly for me, just a few things left till I finish it, I've beated all the guys in the league now the little island left
  2. Oh it refused to work for me ....... hmm I guess it's not working on Windows Jack Sparrow edition
  3. Yeah I got it, FASH 256 or FLASH 512 it works perfectly - this game is great btw
  4. Thats what I get when I try to load the saved file..... I've tried all thing on this emulator but it won't work
  5. Any idea how to do that on the No$GBA ?
  6. Hmm a thing I found is : No$GBA runs the game and if you enable the sound you may continue after each battle, but the saving thing on this emulator sucks alot ....... see every time I try to run my saved file it is showing some crapy error ...... if the saving was done any better the game would run really good... ( as I said when I turn on the sound on the emulator the game continues and I didn't got no crash thing after that, just every time I try to load my saved file it fails... and I have to play over and over again ...... )
  7. iDeaS doesn't works for me i don't know why
  8. I wish it could work on Vista....
  9. A few things that had to be said before : - iDeas ins't working on Vista ( I bet you all have XP so this is no problem for you ). - No$GBA runs the pokemon game if you have bios but the game freezes after your 1st battle against the bird pokemon. So I don't know about the iDeas emulator, but the creator of that emu shoul really make it work with Vista so I can try the Pokemon on it and see if it still freezes at that place ...
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