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  1. Okay, I've decided to try this Vba-Over.ini file, but.. Can someone please explain to me how I make it? I couldn't find it in the Readme, so I've no idea what I'm doing. Help
  2. Okay, I downloaded VisualBoyAdvance last night, purely to experience the joy of playing Pokemon Silver again, hehe.. And to my great irritation, after I'd gotten decently far into the game, I discovered that I could not load up my saved game. I saved the game itself (Enter > Save game), and I saved a file to my desktop (File > Save) And I saved it into VisualBoyAdvance (File > Save Game > Choose Slot). The Saved game disappeared, when I loaded Pokemon Silver up again, the only options where New Game and Options (No Continue Game), I couldn't load up the saved file from my desktop, as all it said was 'Unsupported File Type' and the VisualBoyAdvance save wasn't there, like, I went to Load, and there was nothing in the ten slots. So, much to my dismay, my saved game was gone. I would really, really, really appreciate any help on my problem/s, so thanks in advance .
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