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  1. Could someone upload a clrmame or RC-dat for this please? Would be really great.
  2. I think I don`t say too much if I said that we are quite sure you will not be disappointed Just be patient a little longer, we are working on it
  3. The ROMs are ready and waiting As soon as there is the new version of MameDox I will add the new ROMs (which I don't know yet) and upload the compilation to newsgroups. Greetings
  4. EK-MAME32 uses PSX-Emu Plugins that speed up at least some 3D-Games...I do not remember in detail which games will profit from the plugins but you should give it a try. Greetings herbalb
  5. So I guess a good alternative could be to download the latest dat-files for nebula from emu-france (dated 25.05.2005), replace the old ones in nebula romdats-dir, open nebula and let it create a new romcenter-file that could be used to manage the romfiles and get everything to work as it should.
  6. Is there a tool that automatically creates nebula-compatible dat-files out of the roms located in roms-folder or something that converts i.ex. the latest logix clrmame neogeo.dat into a nebula-dat and the same for CPS2 and the other games that nebula supports? I know romdatamaker but that only creates dats for one single game (zip-file). Would be quite a bite of work to do this for every game that nebula supports. Greetings herbalb
  7. That`s great, hope to see MamedOX 1.2 soon. I didn't know that for Ikari Warriors but I am glad that you will fix the key problems in that many games. Finally Gunfight, SpeedBall and the others will be perfectly playable then And if possible please have a look at the st-v games because as mentioned above some of them worked perfectly in MameOX but not in MamedOX. Keep up the good work. I will wait till release of MamedOX and then create another full compilation with all ROMs and if necessary with multiple Mame versions, depending on their compatibility... As I finally know how to use newsgroups (thanks to Prican25) this shouldn`t be any more problem...just have to think about a good name for the set
  8. @Prican25: Thanks for the link, I am trying to get behind it. @BritneysPAIRS: I separated (just like in BAED3) the NEOGEO, CPS1 and CPS2 games from the MAME(D)OX Set otherwise I would not have been able to fit everything on 1 DVD. For these games I will be using FBAX, but thanks for offering help to fix sound for Samurai Shodown 5. I realized that several keymappings are wrong, also for e.g. Gunfight and others but where is there a keymap-problem with Ikari Warriors? As far as I know this game only uses 2 buttons and both of them are mapped correctly. The option to turn around is in Ikari III, but there you have to press two buttons simulataneously and it will work. Did I miss anything? Please correct me if I am wrong. As far as I can see, the compilation I made includes every rom in your list but also a few more like some st-V games that are absolutely playable like Puyo Puyo Sun, Baku Baku Animal and Hanagumi Taisen Columns (with sound glitches). BUT for some reason they are only playable on MameOX, not on MameDOX 1.1 that's why I made a multiboot DVD with both emulators...
  9. I have no experience using newsgroups so maybe this could be a bit tricky for me but probably I will have to use eMule so I can at least offer it from time to time to some people. But thank you nevertheless.
  10. I`m sorry, I read the board rules but there is written that people mustn`t offer direct downloads, links or ask for roms. I did not want to distribute it on the forum, I saw the "Big Ass Emu Disc 3" post below so I thought this post would not be much different as I didn`t offer any download within my post but just asked how i could share it just in case this could be of some interest for someone... If this is also against the rules then please excuse me - just wanted to help others as others helped me, too. Nevertheless, I edited my post so hope this is OK now.
  11. Hello everyone. I recently downloaded the great BAED3 with MameOX. As I was really deeply impressed by the compatibility of MameOX I started to optimize the great compilation a little bit (by using Romcenter, CLRMame, MAWS-Site and my complete MAME ROM collection) Some good ROMs where missing and some where unneeded (like the ROMs that also need a CHD image in order to work) so I downloaded the latest MameDOX 1.1 and created a new compilation that also includes newer additions like Puzzle Loop 2, Super Trio or Gunbarich but also the complete Artworks and Overlays used by some games in order to be played correctly. It took me about 20 hours to sort out all the (officially) non working ROMs (according to MAWS) and test loads of ST-V and PSX-based games and others that could be included because they work quite good (like Puyo Puyo, BakuBaku Animal for ST-V and some slow-but-playable games like Strider 2 or Xevious3D/G) or should be excluded because they do not work at all... Even though I didn`t include neogeo games and nearly no CPS(2) Roms (except for Street Fighter 2, 19xx and Strider) it was nearly 800 MB more of ROMs. Of course there may be some ROMs left that do not work but I think this is probably the most complete collection of playable games that fits on 1 DVD. As some ST-V and PSX-Hardware based games did not work very good on MAMEDOX 1.1 (believe me, I compared the compatibility of MAMEDox and MameOX by testing many ROMs and for some strange reason these games run much better on MameOX) I created a multiboot that allows you to use both emulators with the same romset - you only have to set the correct rompath within the Mame Options (G:\Roms, G:\Artwork etc.). Just in case you did not know - if you disable frameskip and maybe sound some games are much more playable on MameOX (like Xevious 3D/G). As this forum is always a great help I would like to contribute a little bit. [deleted] Greetings
  12. Hi. For all those who are looking for a set with roms and emu here is a *NOT here Buddy*The new soundroms were released at the beginning of this month. Hope it is OK if I posted it here?! I tried it by myself and I can definitely confirm that the sound is much better now! Greetings
  13. I see. But now I' m a little bit confused. Does this mean at the moment there is no way of playing this game with correct sound neither on kawax nor FBAXXX? And is there an option where I could skip CRC-check with FBAXXX because everytime I try I see the list of files with CRC errors and then it hangs. Did I miss something??
  14. the p1 contains the data for p2? But I split it into 2, renamed them but then Clrmame reported CRC-errors with these, too. And what about the C-roms? Could it be that every set I download contains (according to Clrmame) the wrong C-roms? And by the way, thanks for all your fast answers.
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