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  1. I use fba-xxx src to change a few key shotcurt. Maybe someones here wants same request for its xbox arcade home based. line 1106 in fba.cpp change wPressedButtons by wButtons : (arcadetype && (m_DefaultGamepad.wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_START) && m_DefaultGamepad.bPressedAnalogButtons[XINPUT_GAMEPAD_BLACK] && m_DefaultGamepad.bPressedAnalogButtons[XINPUT_GAMEPAD_WHITE])) && ((nReplayStatus & 0xFFFF) != 2)) to (arcadetype && (m_DefaultGamepad.wButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_START) && m_DefaultGamepad.bAnalogButtons[XINPUT_GAMEPAD_BLACK] && m_DefaultGamepad.bAnalogButtons[XINPUT_GAMEPAD_WHITE])) && ((nReplayStatus & 0xFFFF) != 2)) in game i can use start, black and white pressed keys mapping to go into menu and so never used gamepad. Before i need to press three pad at same time and it's not easy to do in game. Maybe you can re-activate arcadetype bool inside UI menu that enable this (i think in fba pro this params is not used) thx
  2. hi, i've some question regarding fba-xxx and fba-xxx pro why no src available for the pro version ? maybe it was better to have a svn or others src manager to provide src for both fba and pro version. Sharing to community has many advantage for correcting bug or add functionalities. regards,
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